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Here's how I seem in left field to you (or others if you agree in this case). I do not like Hillary Clinton. I do not trust Hillary Clinton. I do see her as arrogant and self-serving and power hungry. I have a sneaking suspicion that she may have been behind Bill's run because he was happy doing whatever. I did not vote for Hillary Clinton.

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Men peeing inside womens
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Brakazahn 29.05.2018
I had a dream last night where I saw my dad die, and I wanted to commit suicide but couldn't. Today has not been a good day.
Grolar 01.06.2018
As I said, cite the map(s) in question.
Telkree 09.06.2018
I agree giving money to homeless and poor is poor policy. We need to decriminalize drugs and focus on treatment. If we took money from incarceration and put it into treatment programs and housing we might make so headway. Thank you Cam for your work in this field
Mezibei 12.06.2018
Christians have no bias against anyone
Yozshurg 17.06.2018
Failing?? Says who?
Kajigar 28.06.2018
I tend to agree. It?s her business
Milar 28.06.2018
We've evolved to do a lot of things that we choose not to nowadays.
Kazizuru 02.07.2018
I'd volunteer but wouldn't want you to fail any pre-employment screening tests.
Neran 03.07.2018
Because it's the low hanging fruit.
Tagul 07.07.2018
BWAHAHAHA. Next he'll quit beer
Gardazragore 16.07.2018
Will do! : )
Akinodal 16.07.2018
cause it dose not work for me......Besides I am not totally off topic......This is a gospel channel..... The pope by some peoples belief represents Christianity.... And I am talking about an issue in the news right now.
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