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Most atheists are led by moral reasons and not evidence.

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Gami 21.03.2018
"10 My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.
Juhn 26.03.2018
God created everything you can see. Including your stupid question.
Daikazahn 04.04.2018
the former President's speculation is unreasonable IMO. 20 years ago, the media parroted the theme that Mr. Clinton's actions were his private life while ignoring most the accusations were while he was an elected official in AR or president.
Nitaxe 08.04.2018
Being born gay is no more a sin than being born left-handed or black.
Maran 12.04.2018
That's fine at least you are consistent. So no Plato got it.
Doucage 22.04.2018
invisible qualities? So they don't exist? Cool. You argue against yourself better than I.
Nikojin 03.05.2018
You don't even want the schools to teach children about LGBT people -- come on.
Kataur 09.05.2018
I'd rather have Wynne than Horwath if it came down to that.
Vudojin 10.05.2018
So your rule only applies to psychologists?
Kejind 19.05.2018
Not that I'm a fan of Howard Stern do you have any factual information that supports your claims or are you just wildly throwing out rumors like most of these people if you want to talk about this and see what happened to having sufficient evidence before making what I assume is baseless rumors and character defamation no offense just trying to be analytical about this LOL
Tajin 25.05.2018
I suspect that the greatest danger faced by our species is the failure to discriminate between "sugar and shit."
Mezijinn 31.05.2018
NYT isn?t credible, as they have made many claims that they later redacted. Try agains.
Doujind 09.06.2018
Thank you. How do I do this?
Mauran 16.06.2018
Are you intentionally acting like you have no knowledge or understanding of Christianity or do you really not know anything about it?
Kazilar 23.06.2018
Little late for that , Don't you think?
Zumi 01.07.2018
You didn't answer.
Dukasa 03.07.2018
I think if they actually had pork fillets in their store and they refused to sell to you that's one thing, but if they don't even have pork products in their store you're just gonna be crying about nothing.
Mazumi 11.07.2018
Actually this is the Way of Love. God is not "bragging" with how Good He is. He is "bragging" about how Good His Children are. Like any Father I suppose.
Jujind 22.07.2018
Along with just about every country in the world throughout history.
Taurn 22.07.2018
Let's be honest. Even if you are a Senator, you don't just show up at an airport, prison, nuclear testing center or whatever and expect to be allowed access without prior approval. This is just a stunt.
Arashikus 30.07.2018
Oh! The horror...
Fegore 30.07.2018
It felt more like she picked him up lol.
Nitilar 06.08.2018
So, the aliens used artificial light, like in a greenhouse?
Zuhn 14.08.2018
Where it was not?
Voodoogrel 21.08.2018
In theory such evidence could come along. I am nowhere near arrogant enough to flat out state that there will never be any evidence for a god.
Bakora 30.08.2018
Saul of Tarsus never existed.
Votaur 01.09.2018
Just checking back in before I turn in for the night. Been fun enjoying the new p osts, been a lovely day
Akinoll 05.09.2018
Granted, yet she knew of the possible side effects and should have stayed clear from her phone before taking it. Its like when you get meds that say cause drowsiness, you make sure you are not driving while taking those meds to avoid falling asleep at the wheel.
Dailrajas 11.09.2018
What, is "imbecile" a new word in your lexicon? You're using it ad nauseam.
Zolojar 12.09.2018
Such lies told by theists. It is considered immoral to lie you know.
Tojagami 15.09.2018
I can't see why there should be a "state interest" in sexual relationships. Marriage is defined by the society itself, and societies fortunately change. No society is damaged by homosexual marriages. On the contrary, the more people live satisfactory and happy lives, the better they can contribute to the societies they live in.
Migal 15.09.2018
I?m not sure of anything anymore..... I?m gonna go lay down- I?ll talk to you later on....okay?
Nalmaran 20.09.2018
Agnostic is sitting on the fence, not having an opinion on the matter.
JoJotaxe 30.09.2018
I know it in my heart. Sorry.

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