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Neither of us had forgiven Heath for being the prized child.

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Obama once said if your political opponents bring a knife to an argument, his followers should bring a gun...

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Mumuro 19.12.2017
Really: The Catholic Church had 1900 years. Jews were thriving all over Europe and the Catholics were reduced to controlling 4 squalid blocks and some long-term land-leases in Rome... with Protestants running the world!
Goltikus 23.12.2017
I wonder if they are legal here. Where did you get them?
Shakarn 31.12.2017
On the Catholic channel, maybe?
Talkis 05.01.2018
"If I don't have to pay for it, it's fair."
Arakasa 12.01.2018
So first it was no intentional shot was fired and now it is she was a legitamate target because she threw a granade? One or the other must be a lie, both can t be true.
Voramar 16.01.2018
You can't cut-and-paste to support your agenda. Start back at verse 23; this passage is about IDOLATRY, not monogamous and faithful, committed same sex marriages.
Vorn 22.01.2018
Oh well that makes all the difference then. LOL
Nekus 22.01.2018
He really is a total tit.
Dishicage 24.01.2018
Oh? A unicorn left that gun?
Brakinos 29.01.2018
You love my pussy talk!
Kajijora 07.02.2018
?When I use a word,? Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ?it means just what I choose it to mean ? neither more nor less.?"
Gumi 14.02.2018
Not at all. You are being disingenuous.
Tasar 16.02.2018
Patriotism, huh? That must be why you hate American gays for even existing.
Kazrak 19.02.2018
Illustration that Jesus was fully human, and entirely grounded where he was born.
Arashilrajas 01.03.2018
Which religion has the biggest penises? That's the important question. Apparently, in Roman times, Jewish men were rumoured to be well-endowed. Perhaps this was due to the practice of circumcision. So big they could afford to lop part off.
Vudozshura 08.03.2018
Do I get a fancy crown?
Moogujas 16.03.2018
and you can make herbal tea in it as well. its good for a couple of cups at a time, and i think the coffee tastes fresher. if shes not an addict for coffee, it is the classy way to go. good call
Arashikazahn 25.03.2018
Trump is gonna get pumped and dumped
Vulrajas 31.03.2018
Even so, you may not achieve stardom.
Grojind 02.04.2018
I cut and pasted the writing of a newspaper. I then provided the link to that.
Morg 11.04.2018
Re: the non-resurrection of Joseph.
Zulkibar 18.04.2018
Sounds like bullshit to me
Grom 18.04.2018
I don't think that the eating the forbidden fruit is or was the only sin.That caused us to have knowledge. And we know knowledge gives us many ways of doing wrong, One for example to satisfy our love of money,
Zukasa 27.04.2018
That's cute. I have the power to cast magic spells.
Taumi 07.05.2018
Well, I have lost all respect for her (not that I had much) and all respect for the liberal party.
Fejinn 16.05.2018
That's ok though. Trying to take that step is hard in some cases. I'll give props for the effort. There is no way in hell that I would understand someones anti 2nd amendment article if I didn't take some time to dig in and study them. Most people never even try. So Good for JennyD for giving it a shot.
Kara 20.05.2018
You realize the blaze orange tip means its a toy right?
Vikasa 21.05.2018
I guess you forgot about all the Hollyweirdos at the Oscars who lectured on gun control...while being protected by 500 armed LAPD officers.
JoJok 31.05.2018
'sup Edward Dolla$
Dizil 06.06.2018
hHmmmmmmm, he hasn't let me know if i'm good on duck.
Mooguktilar 16.06.2018
"Rejoicing in the habitable part of the earth...."
Vudokasa 21.06.2018
Girl, I don't know how you managed this today but well done. I thought I was going to have to set my hair on fire the second I saw this topic, lol.
Zubar 25.06.2018
Relevant, and a very important context.

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