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The "Jesus Seminar" is a joke, by the way.

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Authentic mature wife videos
Authentic mature wife videos
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Arazilkree 18.12.2017
I already think that and I don?t really care.
Niktilar 29.12.2017
Abomination? where did I say that?
Fezahn 03.01.2018
That's cause' you don't know Harlem Huppies ;) Seriously, they play off Harlem's past and live there as if they're ghetto.
Fenrizahn 13.01.2018
and then to paise his christain ideals.. make me think really bad thoughts about the"conservative christian movement. theywould put david duke in office, if he could repeal roe vs. wade, and make homosexualy illegal again.
Kazramuro 16.01.2018
No but she appears to have a slight lead.
Kajigami 19.01.2018
Plant a big fvcking tree in front of your window and pray to God that the roots don't tear up your plumbing.
Vuzil 23.01.2018
You're in the wrong time, that kind of juvenile mentality went out decades ago.
Mojar 26.01.2018
Hillary won and I am still happy! Cons keep claiming they won but Trumps FAILURES have America LOSING! Good luck on election night 2018, more impending Republican LOSSES coming!
Daibar 05.02.2018
Haha that?s the same straw man with a different name. I?ve explained to you that my claim is not conditional on my ability to prove the existence of an afterlife. It is the IDEA of Heaven that provides hope. All I am responsible for to prove for my claim is the idea of Heaven.
Fenrikora 10.02.2018
Time will prove truth.
Dizragore 13.02.2018
Gillette and I both left at the same time. I'll keep this short and concise. I want to answer you but dont want to open a can of worms here:
Faemuro 23.02.2018
Of the opinion? It's not my call to make. I am aware of the fact that they are instructed not to.
Nazshura 27.02.2018
I would have cussed them out too in that situation.
Sharan 07.03.2018
"the consequence is a child."
Goltitaxe 14.03.2018
Your god is an arse then. He allows suffering because "it'll all be better later"...but oh wait, not unless they are christian. So if a person is good all their life, but suffers a tragic disease or is kidnapped and tortured for some time....but isn't a christian, then nothing makes it right because gods ego got hurt. Your beliefs are sick and twisted and not moral.
Mazutilar 19.03.2018
That's what I have been saying for many years regarding the man made NT and the adulterated Torah that exists today.
Mazugar 20.03.2018
So your saying if they don't do what Trump wants they can go to hell?
Mezitilar 30.03.2018
My teacher would just let people sleep too. If you missed something important, you just missed it.
Fedal 01.04.2018
Yep, until you need to win your argument by claiming otherwise. Don't waste your silly quotes on me. I can find just as many to support my side of the argument that you can then say I took out of context or "cherry picked" LOL, but when you do it I am supposed to accept it as evidence. NOPE.
Akinozragore 10.04.2018
You have quite the imagination.
Goltigor 17.04.2018
Well having a Masters in Child Neuropsychology does help shed some light on neural development in kids, but mostly it's common sense. Children aren't perfect, children act out. Children rebel. To expect perfection from a child as your means of stopping them from handling weapons is silly.
Gulkis 18.04.2018
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
Guramar 26.04.2018
No, I'm talking about a study done by a conservative Republican immigration judge who is advocating for all illegal immigrants to be tracked by GPS as one of the several things that can be done to fix this broken process.
Grorn 01.05.2018
what the hell is he going on about? comedians?
Mazukree 03.05.2018
ohh opps. sorry i edited
Bami 04.05.2018
Man this is important to you... You got issues pal.
Voodoozuru 07.05.2018
Which school indoctrinates students to a sexual orientation? Is there a school that teaches that homosexuality is better than heterosexuality? Are you sure you know what indoctrination is? You're conflating the inoculation of specific religious dogmas to teachings that give people freedom to be what they are.
Jushura 13.05.2018
Obama brought us together my ass! More police officer murders by street level thugs than ever before. Your welfare than ever, more unemployment than ever. Yeah, we were brought together. Pft
Bamuro 22.05.2018
Pornographic, yes. Foreskins, pulling out of your sister-in-law, sex with your daughters, baby eating and other goodies.
Jugore 26.05.2018
Seriously .. how many more times are you muppets jumped up and down like little girls on Christmas and shouting with glee the the "promenade liberal" iso going to be arrested only to see nothing happen? Obama, Clinton, Holder, Lynch, Comey .. who else am I forgetting?
Samubar 01.06.2018
LOl, Awwe, so white trash conservatives screaming are upset to violence by protesters? Listen to yourself? LOL Too funny!
Kazrajind 07.06.2018
Yes, part of that can be construed as choice. However, one can see that, dollar-for-dollar
Fenriktilar 16.06.2018
I don't know...maybe you should educate me. Im waiting for those citations.
Fegrel 23.06.2018
I would be opposed to the government outlawing Planned Parenthood or even taking efforts to force it out of business. I'm even more opposed to the government funding it.

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