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Cameron diaz naked
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Voodoomuro 11.05.2018
No ability to, either.
Aratilar 18.05.2018
I agree with everything you?re saying
Tugor 28.05.2018
Right within 30 to 40 years of the events.
Zulkicage 29.05.2018
We all have things we'd rather not pay taxes for, but we all have to contribute. Some people don't drive, yet pay for roads and bridges. It's the cost of a decently run society, hopefully.
Tejind 08.06.2018
And yet again, why should we "intelligent" and "mature" people believe in myths?
Yozshur 11.06.2018
The Irish assimilated? Yeah, after decades. Before that, they took over big city politics, police and fire departments, etc -- much to the chagrin of the nativists -- who had to adjust to Catholic Churches, etc being built in large numbers in places where the nativists thought they were in control. The Irish, et al assimilated into a society that they actually helped shape. That's how immigration works.
Tojamuro 15.06.2018
Yep, likely legal in his state sadly
Gadal 23.06.2018
What about a movie on Bill Cosby being a wonderful father. Same thoughts?
Arashiktilar 29.06.2018
I can see that Einstein broke the doctrine of Atheism, and chose to be religious, inspite of being a brilliant scientist.
Mezicage 05.07.2018
There exists some knowledge, but it's by no means "secret" (as you requested). Here's one example of it: the Spanish Inquisition.
Akill 08.07.2018
Frankly, I don't understand how you can insist that my claim was arrogant without claiming also to know it to be false.
Tasida 12.07.2018
You mean those bastards were interpreting the Constitution and telling the Executive Branch when they were in violation of it? How dare they?!?
Vim 15.07.2018
I was thinking the "Love in an Elevator" video, but that works too :)
Mazulmaran 24.07.2018
I'm not afraid of anything
Jugar 27.07.2018
Christian crusades was a response to attack from Islamic empires. Look it up, they conquered part of europe first.
Akinohn 27.07.2018
WHAT?! I keep hearing something. Did someone say something?
Fenrikasa 05.08.2018
No but I will look that up. So cool.
Arajin 12.08.2018
I listed myself as A) but also as a skeptic... because I'm questioning everything.
Moogumi 14.08.2018
How long are the members of the House and Senate going to put up with trumps childish fucking behavior?
Akim 23.08.2018
You said Title VII was a compromise to minorities
Tezragore 29.08.2018
The word rescue in this context seems derogatory to me since it is usually used to describe abandoned animals. Very unnecessary and suspect. And as you said she is successful and educated in her own right. So what if she's been divorced.
Doull 02.09.2018
To repeat myself , I read the chances of a baby being gay has something to do with changing hormones of the mother whilst pregnant, ?? ??
Daijinn 09.09.2018
Isn't pee sterile???
Vishakar 15.09.2018
but the brassire was always a bit too much even if it was bright orange..
Akinogor 19.09.2018
his father was a doctor - maybe he was accessory to murder? makes sense to me.
Vudot 21.09.2018
Here is how smart I am. I am now blocking you troll.
Gashakar 24.09.2018
Yeah, I wanted to get that one in, honestly, just to spur some comments. Certainly, I'm not asking in anyway to say they are right about everything they say, but only their and anyone else's long-standing claims that our dating methods may not be accurate and are most likely more inaccurate going back further, though we're just talking about the last 4000 years or so in this discussion.
Mauk 29.09.2018
I saw that and was awaiting confirmation. I have not seen it
Taujora 03.10.2018
If The Intercept is now a valid "source" my how standards have fallen.

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