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Rip my yoga pants and fuck me !

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The burden of proof is on you to demonstrate there is such a thing as free will.

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Ana the pornstar
Ana the pornstar
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Tojazahn 16.03.2018
The shape of water
Tokora 18.03.2018
He brought in on himself with a very public refusal to pay and a contemptuous attitude towards the law.
Tukora 25.03.2018
I?ve made this point many times here. If the fictional god is so cavalier with the lives of the unborn why should we care?
Akikora 28.03.2018
I agree completely with your "if we don't know, then we don't know." surely seems like we just don't really know. Still I find it seems quite normal to me. I never implied I thought it stable or in the wrong phase (warming or cooling) and I don't pretend to know.
Tolar 03.04.2018
For the problems that face you, ask yourself: can you change the problem?
Mikakus 06.04.2018
I've never heard of such, but then I live in Texas.
Vojas 08.04.2018
At the end. Like I stated before, this elevator stuff is dumb. I don't he was harrasing her at all, there was no sexual gesture towars her. I don't understand the reason she felt some type of way about it. It was a dumb joke. Not everyone takes jokes lightly because you might think it isn't offensive, but for others it can be.
Kikora 16.04.2018
Yes!!! It's not a magical cure. Drives me nuts when people rely on that instead of bc.
Tygojar 17.04.2018
The Book of Genesis anticipates all false philosophies and false gods.
Faerg 28.04.2018
Would you be less anxious if we didn?t pick on people who brought it on themselves? Lololol
Morn 04.05.2018
This is not the thread on the Mother. The Bride and the Bridegroom is the thread on the Mother. This thread is on the Children seeing who they are. And starting to Live in the Name of Jesus. Their name . . .dead.
Zulkibar 08.05.2018
of course not but it is the basis for morality. Having morals doesn't mean people don't go against them but it lends order to society
Kat 18.05.2018
Christ crucified is a claim worth considering.
Faulmaran 21.05.2018
I didn't argue this, jackass. Strawman.
Galkree 24.05.2018
When you make a claim you have to provide supporting evidence, you know that. Why should this be any different? If you wanted to include nuance I was happy to listen, that is why I asked what the word 'oppressed' meant to you. I was actually willing to forget the real meaning and discuss yours, that is how open my mind was to this.
Dugor 27.05.2018
I thought that was obvious from the excessive l's.
Nibei 04.06.2018
"Not a sin." that when It's is unintentional but Jesus did it intentionally and he should sacrifice for it because it's a clear violation to the Mosaic laws.
Mikagrel 12.06.2018
For those who don't believe in your deity, it is certainly not blasphemy.
Negami 21.06.2018
These are the same people who think sex education is an evil conspiracy to create more abortions and feminists.
Voodoonos 24.06.2018
Now your playing with words. "Earth" as a planet was created "in the beginning." "Earth" as soil/dry land came at a later time.
Moogugor 01.07.2018
- How would you approach this situation?
Brajar 10.07.2018
Which is neither of your incorrect spelling attempts...
Nera 16.07.2018
Not sure how I could make my comment more clear.

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