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Nice job trying to divert the issue that science is not a theory.

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Naked butt picture gallery
Naked butt picture gallery
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Araran 06.01.2018
If you believe in god, and you believe in evolution, then evolution is just the set of natural laws that god put in place to bring about/make possible the diversity of life we see all around us.
Voodoojin 07.01.2018
Not saying they didnt. Im just reminding this person of the positive contributions. You have electricity and tooth paste thanks to christians.
Zulkishura 14.01.2018
Attack comments and views please, Thorvington. Do not directly attack the posters themselves. That is where we draw the line on this channel
Ner 18.01.2018
automatics are usually worth more, unless it is an older watch.
Akinohn 19.01.2018
Youre a heretic and a cultist.
Mozragore 25.01.2018
I'm neither a Catholic nor a Protestant, so I'm not really interested in creeds, or other similar statements.
Gojora 28.01.2018
It comes from bitter experience. I love Jimmy Buffet, but his music does not always inspire good life choices :)
Mooguhn 06.02.2018
The reality is, most people's understanding of "logical sense" actually isn't all that, well, logical. Sometimes the things we think seem logical (or illogical) actually are the opposite of what we think when we actually follow the objective rules of logic, and that's all I'll say to that regard.
Arakinos 09.02.2018
True, if you resist that is legit.
Akitaur 13.02.2018
If you assume fill gene splicing capability, then all they need to keep are samples of everyone, and there is no need to maintain the disabled, nor force the uninterested to become parents against their will.
Yolmaran 19.02.2018
I've met (online) some crazies who debunk your comment on a daily basis.
Vudogul 20.02.2018
Ben Shapiro is the hero of those who enjoy looking stupid.
Mausida 21.02.2018
The "teaching" of Jesus was actually His Life created in those that Understood. He was not really a "man". He was God Himself that is why His "teachings" were Life and not just knowledge carried over. By His Words He killed me as a human being and resurrected Me as a Godly being. And the same He is doing for other Christians. Some of them just struggle to fathom this and thus has not reached or experience of this as this Life comes by Faith. And Faith can only create when it is Understood.
Kagul 27.02.2018
The nation of Israel and Jews are not one and the same.
Zulkijinn 09.03.2018
Ah, sorry. You misunderstood me. My bad. I should have made it clearer that I should have included it among the things you are ignorant of.
Kegore 19.03.2018
fair point... im 6'3.... so It actually takes neck effort to size a lady (and most dudes) up.
Zulura 25.03.2018
I grew up believing Ontario voted strategically. Last night Ontario voted like a chicken running around headless. Your migraine starts today.
Mikajar 28.03.2018
It is not a matter of "rights," as I said seven times already.
Faekora 01.04.2018
Kind of a non answer?
Fektilar 09.04.2018
If you need me to point it out, you may need to devote some more time to introspection.

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