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Well, we're not talking about Neptune and Metropolis. We're talking about the universe. It's far bigger.

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Zulkishura 17.12.2017
That is a terrible pun. Thank you, I laughed hard.
Zulkizshura 20.12.2017
1. Teachers should have standards of conduct.
Malalkree 21.12.2017
Get back in your burka Enoch.
Mooguhn 25.12.2017
What happened? I can't say. Maybe you and the world around you changed and you now see things differently. There are still plenty of beautiful Aussie women, you just don't see them as much as their misshapen sisters because it's not PC. For me, I'd say that the PC culture has now accomplished their 'everyone gets a trophy' goal.
Vudobei 27.12.2017
Bill Gates did not say ANYTHING near what you are interpreting it to be. End of story.
Balar 01.01.2018
That figures ! You obviously have a hard time reading and grasping thoughts.Your low intelligence level is showing ! LOL!
Mizuru 08.01.2018
I remember once my newborn baby was screaming crying!
Tejora 14.01.2018
See Lebron LOL! He looked like he was actually going to kill him.
Vukora 15.01.2018
What other rights? The right to own a gun? The right to not have soldiers quartered in one's home?
Malara 25.01.2018
That exactly how science works, dude !
Fenrira 28.01.2018
Well, I'm glad you found value in it, I guess. I've gone back as an adult a couple times, usually with family for a holiday, thinking I could at least engage philosophically in the homily, but the homily also tended to be very boring and uninteresting to those who don't believe. There just wasn't much real analysis of scripture.
Mikakasa 03.02.2018
All of this...I mean to me it's just arrogant to think people like you so much they want to sit through your boring church wedding and not get a piece of cake
Grogami 10.02.2018
"2) The PROFITS go back to Japan, NO matter where the cars are built!"
Tugami 13.02.2018
There are no laws that mention blacks, bubba. I went over that already. Are you slow in the head? White racism is the problem. They decide how and if blacks progress. They decide whether to invest in the black community or not. In education or not. If blacks get arrested for petty crimes or not. How much to pay blacks for their labor. Where we can live and not live. Whites call the cops on us for sitting in a cafe. For barbecuing chicken in a public park. They call the cops on us for just walking down the street minding our own business. Whether to lend us money to start businesses or not.Whites own 80% of the ghetto and the blight. They own most of the businesses there too. Taking our money back to their own community. They decide if we get hired or not. They decide if we have a criminal record or not and what to do about it.
Dumi 17.02.2018
Alex or LeBron? xD
Samutaxe 21.02.2018
????? You're inviting Kathleen over for chicken dinner?
Daikus 28.02.2018
Off your meds?
Vigore 09.03.2018
Guess what ? You are full of shit , my liberal ,asshole ,commenter! Obama set us back by siding with the weak countries . He didn't have the guts to stand up to our enemies , Iran, Russia, China,Syria.Palestine.Libya ,
Mazragore 13.03.2018
Keep buying your shitty Chinese steel...
Kezuru 23.03.2018
They call it Plan B because you're supposed to have a Plan A.
Gardazil 26.03.2018
Ok Will do!
Mutilar 26.03.2018
I can assure you, genocide is against the rules.
Zolom 04.04.2018
See id be upset if I was still friends with a woman I had previously dated and the guy she was with wanted us to quit apeaking to me.
Samujinn 09.04.2018
too bad neither one had a firearm to defend themselves with, after all it was within their rights as legal US citizens. Hmmm.
Zulkisho 14.04.2018
We're only talking about generic Creator right now, not my God. It's just a scale of certainty. Pretty simple.
Grogis 15.04.2018
Something tells me she wouldn't have done that to someone with a "condition".
Dainris 25.04.2018
If you are saying make a law that bars young people from going to church.
Zulkijind 03.05.2018
But what about the other people at graduation waiting for their family member or friend's name to be called? Isn't this like being a glory hog?
Goltijinn 07.05.2018
What about people born with XXY chromosomes. They may "look" male on the outside, but have reduced testosterone. To pretend like we know everything about how testosterone and estrogen impacts brain chemistry and functioning is just false. There is no "proof" yet either way.
Grodal 14.05.2018
It's not a ridiculous statement. The relationship between micro and macro evolution is akin to the relationship between walking a hundred yards and walking a hundred miles.
Kajishicage 22.05.2018
Diplomacy Yvonne ... lol.
Gokora 23.05.2018
Believe what you want.
Tojakora 28.05.2018
Nevertheless, Rome did fall, and it was not from insiders, it came from those who were allowed to cross it's borders, uncontrollably.
Jurr 06.06.2018
There?s a counter&western song that sums it all up: ?God is great, beer is good, people are crazy.? ??
Faur 12.06.2018
Islam and christianity are very close in many ways, and one of those ways is the condemnation of homosexuality.

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