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HORRORPORN - Hell in Jail

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Humans invented him, they can certainly end him too

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Jesus is looking at Scott very alluringly. Hmm. 'K. ;)
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But he got his sorry ass beat.
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Yeah, links would help. /s
Dijar 31.12.2017
Hate speech can, but i have yet see LGBT rallies preaching to stone heterosexurals or they would burn in hell.
Vujas 08.01.2018
No, the zygote is both a human distinct from any other and alive. These are simply scientific facts.
Ketaur 11.01.2018
That's going to happen when you have an industry that relies heavily on hiring illegal workers.
Moogukasa 19.01.2018
I cant speak for all the "Fundies" , I will speak for me..I don't vote based on how much of a good guy or gal they are. That's just common sense. If you are voting based on their "goodness" or "Christian adherence" it will never work.
Shabar 19.01.2018
This is how the scientific method works. As more data is added, you can get closer to the age. You will not see it go down in age much, because we have a good grasp of how the solar system was made and can date some of the left overs now.
Mugrel 30.01.2018
Yeah, he?s a good friend of mine, but thanks ;)
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My short answer is that which requires belief is not in fact any minded, it is simply the avoidance of being reasonable or mindful. Those that evangelize are simply offering others what they themselves have been told to believe, more often than not. As such the mindfulness of belief is about equal to the mindful reasoning and oratorical skill of a trained parrot.
Zulutaur 16.02.2018
Then stop it. I just got back to this nonsense and will just clean it up my way if it does not take care of itself.
Nashakar 19.02.2018
Mine wants to correct it to 'ministers ' too! I say fair enough, since that's another demographic I avoid dating lol.
Aralrajas 23.02.2018
As in "peering through the cavity"?
Akizahn 25.02.2018
Yes, they pity themselves.
Mikajar 27.02.2018
Malakus 02.03.2018
Oooh, the GOP snowflakes are outraged.

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