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Camera phone dick
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Kigajinn 03.07.2018
Do you have a frame of reference? I am drawing blanks of anything longer within that time period. I can understand the periods that were far earlier, such as Plato and Aristotle, as writing was not as common. But during that period, it was far more commonplace. The emperor, Nero, was written about frequently by a multitude of sources, while he was alive and after he died
Dilkis 07.07.2018
Lol. No obama was never respected. They all knew he was a spineless lead-from-behind kind of coward. Red line threats and all.
Mejas 11.07.2018
Paul wrote approximately 1/3 of the New Testament, so he is well qualified to comment on the holiness of scripture.
Salmaran 13.07.2018
He IS everything.He didn't need to pull it from anywhere.
Brashicage 23.07.2018
Yes, see the difference? We're joking when we say Camelot, Atlantis, Lost City of Gold etc. That's the difference. The joke factor.
Salar 26.07.2018
I live in a suburb of Washington DC, and I NEVER lock my doors. Never have.
Bratilar 05.08.2018
Well, "guaranteed livable income" and "guaranteed livable wage" are two different things, so maybe I just misunderstood you?
Duzragore 09.08.2018
There wasn't a Nation at that time only his family, which was the beginnings, but he must have taught them. ?? ??
Aramuro 11.08.2018
I believe that at the very least, the credentials, licenses and practices of ?conversion therapists? should be reviewed and potentially suspended or revoked in certain circumstances, just as professionals in other fields are subject to such review.
Akinos 20.08.2018
Still demonstratew how difficult it is to establish a guideline that we all agree on, isn't it?
Baran 23.08.2018
I find more than enough hate almost everywhere I turn.
Faelmaran 02.09.2018
Yay! I'm old.
Samuramar 07.09.2018
My spirit animal.
Dumuro 12.09.2018
"I'm pretty sure all those long gone empires free of religion......"
Darg 22.09.2018
If someone had to obey God rather than man, then we can talk about that then. But I fail to see what additional context this provides when we're talking about someone who had a way to follow both.
Bramuro 30.09.2018
You are a fucking moron.
Shajind 10.10.2018
LMFAO. Your funny.
JoJozragore 19.10.2018
Canada didn't exist as a country until 1867, DUMBASS.
Mikarr 26.10.2018
You're free to believe whatever you want. I'm not asking whether you believe in god, though, but whether you have proof that he's real, evidence that he exists.
Gagore 27.10.2018
Again inflation is a product of the Big Bang. It doesn?t create it.
Kazigul 03.11.2018
What you just said was that scientists believe "knowledge" can be had by means other than empiricism. I have repeatedly pointed out that knowledge of things can only be had by the senses, and you elide that difference here. I have also pointed out that the test is the empirical component. Maybe you should my comments again. Or your own.
Tygok 04.11.2018
The Big Bang theory IS the natural explanation.
Fegul 09.11.2018
I mean she did a yelp review on her and it was pretty scathing
Dik 17.11.2018
"Really? So it's liberals that want to build a wall and deport all the brown people?"
Taule 22.11.2018
Thats the point. I dont think any of that belongs in a school. NONE of it..
Brazragore 28.11.2018
So what about the other 80% who aren't?
Kirr 05.12.2018
More like a wingman who wasn't willing to take the ugly friend home.
Shalkree 13.12.2018
Yet you do it so well.
Tomi 21.12.2018
Well the evidence shows tribes of Semites going into Egypt in times of famine at various times, but there is no evidence the fact that there were Jewish slaves in Egypt at any time. The historical record also shows that Egypt ruled over Israel and all of the Sinai for over 300 years until shortly before the time of David around 1150 BCE. So for Egyptians to be aware of Israelite cultural practices is not unusual.
Dijind 28.12.2018
Gorgeous illustration. "Stolen"! Thank-you.
Shaktit 03.01.2019
Telling normal people they need helped and healed and restored is indeed, demonizing. Are you going to 'cure' their left-handedness, too? It's been tried, you know.
Moogugis 11.01.2019
Yes it "is" a big woop, a job is a job, now making $7 to $10 an hour like my kids isn't a living wage, but if you work 5 or ten years as a kid making $7 to $10 an hour whether you go to college or not you will be making $20 an hour by about the time you get out HS.
Meztirn 21.01.2019
Thanks. It was Libya once. Read about the battle of Misratah on Wikipedia. HMCS Charlottetown

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