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How about General Hannibal?

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Asian Hot Girls Pics
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Melmaran 15.12.2017
1) People get fired for misconduct or incompetence all the time. Trying to equate that happening with some stupid paranoid conspiracy theory just proves the paucity of your argument.
Teshakar 19.12.2017
You?re a pretentious douche because you wrote an entire wall of text about how atheists are fools and they amuse you. I don?t preach an ideology. I discuss and debate all religions, not just the one you subscribe to. For the record, you are an atheist when it comes to ALL other religions. I just happen to believe in one less god than you do.
Brak 24.12.2017
It is a contingent reality, an application of science.
Keran 28.12.2017
I think his point was that goebels is a case of a student becoming the master.
Kazranris 05.01.2018
not even close to 2 billion. appeal to popularity doesn't make something true. 2 billion atheists as well.
Dougal 10.01.2018
So, are you saying you cant see the issue in this hypothetical posed above?
Taujin 16.01.2018
This is America, Bubba. We actually have a living standard. Everyone should be able to achieve it without working themselves to death.. Not just a few fortunate ones. I hope you are a troll and not just a fool. How many jobs do you work?
Mucage 23.01.2018
Eviidence not seen is not evidence.
Bat 25.01.2018
I always wonder who gets to decide what quality of life is? Be the same age as me and decide if my life has quality
Akira 28.01.2018
My story is similar.
Kataur 02.02.2018
I was young, naive, single, a virgin and eager - I thought relations were no more than "I fancy you, you fancy me, we move in together and f_ck all the time!"
Grogul 12.02.2018
Correct, I have an answer for that something. You may not like it and it may require a different world view. I am sure you have heard it before so I won't go into it. If you would you would ever like to discuss further I can add to a body of evidence
Meztigis 21.02.2018
I have no pompoms. I leave the mindless cheerleading to you exnav.
Tejar 24.02.2018
I actually think they were there because I was telling them my most horrific war stories. They were fascinated because they had never been caught doing anything that awful. ??
Fera 27.02.2018
So, just anecdotes then. Got it.
Nesida 07.03.2018
I just want to see you flying high again Smiley. I care deeply.
Nikojin 15.03.2018
Speaking in tongues has been studied and determined to be absolute gibberish.
Doshicage 21.03.2018
Haha, that's perfectly true.
Gamuro 26.03.2018
That's because there isn't a wimp in the White House anymore and they're crying in their beer because they can't influence Trump like they could Odummy.
Maugis 05.04.2018
Believers can explain the wind. This OP just isn't very well-formed, IMO.
Kagalar 06.04.2018
We're ok now. The economy chuggs along regardless of if the labor is legal or illegal. Either way, we still require that labor, always have.
Fauzshura 09.04.2018
That is the one!
Yogor 18.04.2018
It is. Try looking at Supreme Court precedence and decisions.
Mazugore 22.04.2018
Excuse me but boys don't see women as 'flowers'. They see them as objects there for their amusement and pleasure. And this starts with men and fathers. Did you hear about Meghan Merkle and when she was a kid they heard a commercial about soap that talked about women washing dishes? She talks about how the boys in the glass smirked and said, "yeah, that's where women belong." Those boys weren't saying that because of their own views. They were saying that because that is the views of their fathers and of a society that does not value women.
Nikokus 26.04.2018
No can do dear.
Dakasa 05.05.2018
Exactly. These issues should be handled with rationale. Calling a group (a large group of people) and their beliefs dangerous will require a lot of data and evidence to support such an insane claim.
Samuhn 12.05.2018
Because it starts resembling a human then?
Shakalmaran 18.05.2018
you' re right, sorry, my bad there.
Gardalrajas 28.05.2018
It is just farcical reading shit like this from a Clinton. Him, his wretched wife and Webb?s daughter are a waste of air
Kazragul 05.06.2018
Of course everything has a "first cause". However, we do not know what the first cause of the universe (all that we know exists) is. That is what science seeks to find out.
Meztibei 06.06.2018
Thank god they are coming then.
Daisho 12.06.2018
Just pointing out you have no sense of humour.
Maukree 20.06.2018
And now you are down to posting pictures. Good grief.
Negis 24.06.2018
So much winning! /s
Nera 01.07.2018
In Hinduism the other gods, Shiva, Brahma, Ganesh, etc are called "expansions" of the One God, Vishnu. The Buddhist Deities aren't considered real but are symbolic. I'm unaware of Confucianism having gods and certainly not Taoism. You don't know what you're talking about do you Mr. Big Mouth?

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