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Sex position pictures with real people

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Sex position pictures with real people
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Zulkill 12.12.2017
Do you mean his friendship with cardinal Pacelli and his signing Concordat with the RCC was anti-Christian? I agree with that. Hitler's pope Pius XII was Antichrist.
Jusar 16.12.2017
You have my pre bike ride sympathy for the post ride aches & pains.
Gahn 23.12.2017
Coming from the guy talking about a "Global New World Order" and ranting about how the current Pope is a "socialist communist" without any evidence, it's a bit rich you'd have the gall to call anyone ignorant or childish. You had it right about the RCC but you've completely went off the deep end beyond that. Moreover, you have the freedom to say what you want, and I have the freedom to block you because I'm over it.
Kigakinos 30.12.2017
No. It's not a fraud; the 97% comes from actual scientists, not from the non scientists
Kazigrel 03.01.2018
Discriminating against human being for the inherent difference of not being heterosexual is absolutely homophobia.
Malaktilar 10.01.2018
"We cant test it because you never answered the question about what you base your doubts on."
Voodooramar 14.01.2018
No, my grandkids are not old enough for children of their own yet but once you get to 3/4 of a century you are old
Vogar 16.01.2018
Or not caught, but bought at the local fishmongers'
Kajira 19.01.2018
You know I have that little voice of hope and optimism chained up way in the back of my brain. It makes me do dumb shit like this thread
Malakinos 23.01.2018
The next big money maker will be tattoo removal.
Gumuro 26.01.2018
You seem a bit obsessed w/Guns and Dicks, Cupcake.
Moogubar 30.01.2018
You didn't answer the question, which seems to be a trend with you...
Vigrel 06.02.2018
Then you're reading it the way you chose to read it strictly to argue it is wrong and with no concession whatsoever that the language absolutely allows for a completely different understanding. The whole "Greece before Rome" argument, with no consideration of context. Sorry..... a very poor ground to stake a claim on.... Argue away....
Gardazshura 10.02.2018
I'm tired of putting in all the effort. Always have been the one putting in all the effort. Just once, I would like to be the one approached.
Najora 17.02.2018
Agree, in fact, they all pretended that they are followers of Christ.
Samugis 20.02.2018
It's still fairly new. CHristianity didn't become the mega religion it is today in just a few years. It took a few centuries and lots of dead Christians.
Dat 25.02.2018
No, the text is not all we have to go by. We also have the
Shaktigore 02.03.2018
"The more interesting question is "Why do so many people feel unsatisfied with faith?"
Shataxe 03.03.2018
I don't know enough about Europe to warrant a comment about it. I do know that atheists are not the ones killing people because they believe in the wrong god.
Tara 13.03.2018
No it just there is nothing I could say to you that you would understand and I am not going to waste anymore time on it.
Goshicage 17.03.2018
"he sounds like a con man, not a believer."
Tashura 27.03.2018
I was just trying to be funny. we've had... productive differences to my recollection
Doucage 05.04.2018
Nope. Wtf are you to tell me what i can and cannot buy? You think we need nobodies dictating our lives.
Nilmaran 15.04.2018
"Are you saying all my other points are correct?"
Digul 20.04.2018
That would have a location tag. No thanks
Tudal 21.04.2018
Actually, no one had the idea before God did. Christianity was God's plan for humans before the earth was created. Satan, however, is known to be a murderer, counterfeiter, and a deceiver. Any religion other than Christianity having a similar idea, is merely a false copy of God's original plan.
Telabar 23.04.2018
Got my respect beign a homemaker. Hard for me so good job!
Juktilar 30.04.2018
For some reason I can't ban. Could someone else add dbag Sklifter to the ban users?
Tugor 02.05.2018
LOL. You not only accept it is circular logic, you are actually defending the circular logic. :)
Kegor 08.05.2018
god isn't real, but I thank you for the well-wishes regardless.
Muran 15.05.2018
Sure, tell them that. And explain why they identify with LGBT?
Dairisar 22.05.2018
Thank you! I only wish that I'd had more awareness back then.
Doushura 26.05.2018
Ah. NOW I know it all

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