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It's pretty much all Tom has in his/her arsenal - rhetoric, assumptions, and baseless accusations. It gets old quick.

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Camo redhead shirt
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Dout 15.12.2017
My recollection of the human population neck down studies is that humans experienced two different population neck downs to ~1-2 dozen members over the last 300,000 years.
Kigazahn 18.12.2017
Your mom's vagina, when it gets super moist, makes a weird noise that many of her male customers describe as sounding like someone saying "Allu Akbar" over and over.
Nikomuro 24.12.2017
You are becoming a troll.
Tazuru 02.01.2018
"I totally agree. "
Gonos 03.01.2018
Quote : " there are many forms of human suffering that are beyond the reach of any scientific alleviation."
Zulkibei 07.01.2018
Is your Bible a different one from the others? Does it have a coloring section?
Faemuro 14.01.2018
Scumbag Trump hates America
Kigakinos 24.01.2018
Of course it isn't needed for (the majority of us) to have morals. How does that negate the necessarity of religion? You honestly think that's what it's all about?
Moogunos 03.02.2018
An answer avoiding rational discussion like yours has demonstrated its base in a bias, ideological and otherwise. It?s also a form of rote contradiction.
Nelabar 13.02.2018
You are not reading what I wrote.
Douzil 17.02.2018
I was just about to say the same thing. I see people way younger than me and they are miserable day in and day out. Nobody talks about doing away with them just because they are a little more active
Tedal 20.02.2018
Seven is the number of completion and six is the number of man.
Keshura 23.02.2018
"Un-falsifiable claims lack explanatory power by definition."
JoJonos 05.03.2018
We will see.
Moogurn 08.03.2018
All a factor of an evolved brain. Let me ask you...What would a world look like that did NOT have a creator?
Zulujas 12.03.2018
I agree. Trump probably shouldn't discuss the finer points of the triangle offense or how to play a box and one D.
Misida 21.03.2018
As Orwell said, multiple syllables softens the blow. Someone who you admire isn't "rude" or "boorish" they are "potentially offensive to delicate sensibilities."
Shalar 22.03.2018
And I didn't make said distinction - you did. Dude, what is your problem with recognizing that I believe in free markets??? If you disagree, fine, but I don't see the point of trying to tell me I don't represent the free market position.
Fenrigar 31.03.2018
Oh Moses smell the roses!
Mik 04.04.2018
Antifa went after ALL Trump supporters. They also attacked White Supremacist protesters at their events. I do not agree with the views of EITHER party. However, no matter how different we all are, I defend peaceful protest for everyone.
Mikinos 11.04.2018
Looks like they are doing everything possible to stave off a full blown revolt...
Tok 17.04.2018
Maybe. But they are busy as heck and still make their own policy decisions.
Galabar 20.04.2018
I own a few guns. If my state decides they want them i dont plan on handing them over. I think you can figure out what happens next.

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