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Then back to school with my uncomfortable boxers.

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I already gave the scripture to you that?s when you called me lazy ( because the rabbi laid it all out)

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Real amature fucked hard Amateur
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Shaktiran 08.04.2018
Generally speaking, my standard of evidence is the same standard of the physicist.
Gajar 15.04.2018
Yep! This is why I will always have to include my sister in on things about my relationships with other people, friends or otherwise. She brings me back to Earth when I've blown something way out of proportion.
Brazahn 21.04.2018
Yes, but if you don't have the blue prints (DNA) to work with, you can't do it no matter how many years you got. Given unlimited time, can you assemble a 747 Jet even if I give you all the hardware, but not the blue prints?
Mogore 27.04.2018
" those who are the most moral , are more likely to believe in God ."
Juktilar 07.05.2018
When carbon dating confirms a Biblical event there is no question about its reliability!
Kazragor 09.05.2018
I avoid both areas like the plague. I had more than a lifetime's worth of that crap in LA.
Shajar 13.05.2018
Is 'gypsy' considered an insult in Poland?
Shazahn 20.05.2018
Yes but she was willing to take responsibility for her poor decisions. He decided to commit a crime.
Mazura 24.05.2018
All I thought about as a teenager was sex and honestly I don't think I was any different than the generations before me
Mujora 31.05.2018
That's my standard too.
Milar 09.06.2018
fair point... im 6'3.... so It actually takes neck effort to size a lady (and most dudes) up.
Kazigar 20.06.2018
BS! Most of the Atheists on here disprove "your little theory".
Voodoosida 21.06.2018
News tends to be parochial, for sure.
Kagakora 24.06.2018
That?s the true crux of the problem. This "reporting" shit. Just talk to each other people! Now he?s supposed to write a formal apology which is just pointless.
Mazunos 27.06.2018
Only to the Atheist, okay?
Dit 28.06.2018
To you it does because you don't know your principal Ancestor.

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