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And yet, over and over we ask you deniers to have the balls to back up your claim that AGW is a fraud, a lie, a hoax, or just plain wrong. And after thousands of requests, not a single solitary denier, like you, has had the balls to step up and knock one out of the park. Not only do you choose to be ignorant, but you wear that ignorance as a badge of honor.

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Tygorisar 09.02.2018
Wow, the Warriors were whipping the ball around on that possession.
Dotilar 19.02.2018
good sounds... good time. I am glad you had fun.
Akilrajas 21.02.2018
Ah, but if it were really true that if Christianity wasn't going anywhere, you wouldn't be sounding alarm-bells about its decline, would you? ??????
Jumi 26.02.2018
Why do you even care that he posts true articles about black people? Why must he post anything about whites? Funny you didn't ask about any other race or ethnicity
Darisar 03.03.2018
Thank you! ??
Grojin 12.03.2018
I pity you as you are such a hostile person and are closed to the truth. I hope one day you will repent and SEEK Him, all you need to do is CALL on His name in humility, His name is Jesus. Take Care.
Zulubei 21.03.2018
I can post with as much grammatical errors as I like.
Kagalrajas 22.03.2018
Kerr should play KD as a decoy offensively more often, let Curry have his moment
Gahn 29.03.2018
twinsies... I can not tell you how many times I went to an almost empty theatre and felt like I had a private viewing.
Kagazahn 04.04.2018
If you have a large enough gullible congregation you're OK.
Nar 11.04.2018
?With choice we are doomed. We can?t handle choice?
Vudojar 13.04.2018
You?re being silly.
Munris 22.04.2018
Already answered repeatedly
Akigis 27.04.2018
Nah, mid-terms is local congressional stuff. The majority party always gets banged in the midterms. And not all Bush and McCain voters like Trump. And visa-versa. No what I mean? No telling what the outcome will look like. Some Republicans (Ryan) aren't even bothering to run.
Yot 04.05.2018
Because "separate, but equal" was already shown to be BS.
Kazikora 14.05.2018
And a few others who I've seen on the boards. But he catalyzed the OP, yes.
Dokinos 17.05.2018
You know the commercial, titled ?The Left in 2018: Unhinged,?
Zull 22.05.2018
Who is this Hawkings? I suppose you meant Hawking's but why not say so? He was an atheist with no religion.

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