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Aaannd I segued into explaining that the cuts and mis management that fell under the Wynee govt will be nothing compared to Ford the $hitshow as I further detailed.

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Shakajind 13.05.2018
Your posts make no sense.
Tauktilar 15.05.2018
It was just an inconvenience? What would you like for a reward of such an inconvenience?
Voodoolrajas 24.05.2018
Shave your pubes and be crab freeeee
Nazil 27.05.2018
Sorry about that, hang in there pal...
Samushicage 04.06.2018
You do realize that this, too, is "whataboutism" at its finest... right?
Nikojas 08.06.2018
Nope. IM not ignoring legal issues because Im not SCOTUS nor the baker, nor the couple.
Kagazshura 17.06.2018
Surely an intelligent cause would be in some sense
Tygosar 24.06.2018
You don?t indicate but... was it Church of Christ?
Felabar 27.06.2018
nah. Now you are trying to change the subject. As I recall you brought up Hell, not I.
Ket 30.06.2018
I couldn't make sense of either my father's First Nations ideology nor my mother's Irish Catholicism (although I tended to like my father's ideology better because it was based upon nature).
Taushicage 03.07.2018
You probably heard the Douglas Adams quote ?I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.? Values are a bit like deadlines: I love values, I love the wooshing sound they make as they go out the window. Especially when tempestuous women are involved. No, I?m thinking of valuables again.
Zulurisar 11.07.2018
did my mani-pedi yesterday for the first time in forever and I feel fancy as f*ck now.
Zulkik 14.07.2018
I'm on board with the likes of
Tygogore 22.07.2018
Guess Gandhi didn't believe in climate change and the severe amount of pollution we dump in the ocean.
Shaktikazahn 27.07.2018
Dems are so stupid... theyve been screaming impeachment for 2 years.. and now suddenly they are losing elections (the red wave is coming!!) and they are fighting with each other to STOP talking impeachment...
Mikajas 04.08.2018
So you are delusional enough to actually think you know God and the rest of us should just take your word for it?
Arashirr 10.08.2018
The liberals believe in in the principles of Democracy?
Zukora 12.08.2018
The goalposts of Christianity haven?t moved I. 2,000 years.

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